Data Vault Advanced Topics

Intended for those of you who are already familiar with Data Vault and have worked on Data Vault projects, this course covers advanced topics. This course covers topics ranging from modeling to architecture, and from design to semantics. Several topics also consider how Data Vault can be applied to address broader data warehousing demands and challenges.

Among the advanced topics are integrating MDM, advanced table and key structures, deep dive into architectural layers, advanced satellite design, name-value pair (NVP) concepts, unstructured data, data vault agility, hyper-agility, modeling business key hierarchies, advanced integration, taxonomies, dealing with alternate ids, and working with conceptual reference models.

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  • Integrating Hub Keys (12min)
  • Business Key Alternate IDs (9min)
  • Dimensional Modeling to Data Vault Evolution (11min)
  • Codes and Reference Tables (17min)
  • Including Record Source in Key (8min)
  • Data Vault Attribute Level Satellites (4min)
  • Satellite Cardinality (6min)
  • The Hybrid Brief (27min)
  • Name Value Pair (6min)
  • Name Value Pair Options (11min)
  • Architectural Layers Beyond the Names (10min)
  • Architural Layers and Characteristics (8min)
  • Architectural verses Effectivity (10min)
  • Data Vault Overview Agility (4min)
  • Data Vault Extreme Agility en (2min)
  • EDW Central Requirements (8min)
  • Steps to Modeling the EDW (12min)
  • Agile in the EDW Project (12min)
  • Reference Models and the Data Vault (5min)
  • Why Reference Models and Taxonomies (5min)
  • CDI & MDM Initiatives (18min)
  • Integrating MDM with the Data Vault (7min)
  • Expanded Knowledge Management (11min)
  • Unstructured data in the Data Vault (8min)
  • Unstructured data in the EDW (11min)

Count: 25 lessons

Time: 4hrs 0min : classroom equivalent over 7hrs 59min

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Cost: $1195

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