Data Vault Business Overview

This course brings you the Data Vault from a uniquely business oriented perspective. What is Data Vault and how does a data modeling approach impact my EDW? This course covers core concepts including the Hub, Link and Satellite but also discusses what they mean to the data warehouse and why we should consider using them.

Join us as we explore EDW challenges, MDM, CDI, methodologies, Business Keys, architecture and the role of both dimensional and Data Vault modeling in your data warehouse.

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  • What is Data Vault (5min)
  • Data Vault Overview Benefits (2min)
  • Data Vault Modeling Core Constructs (6min)
  • Data Vault Overview: Introduction Methodology (6min)
  • High Level Colors of the Data Vault (12min)
  • Dimensionitus (11min)
  • Adaptability & Re-engineering (19min)
  • Data Vault Overview EDW Challenge (7min)
  • Defining the Business Keys (7min)
  • Business Keys in EDW (8min)
  • Business Key and the Dimensional DW (5min)
  • Business Keys with New Architecture (8min)
  • Steps to Modeling the EDW (12min)
  • EDW Boil the Ocean (13min)
  • Applying Data Modeling approaches to EDW (19min)
  • Difference between DW and ODS (9min)
  • EDW Agility (12min)
  • CDI & MDM Initiatives (18min)

Count: 18 lessons

Time: 2hrs 59min : classroom equivalent over 5hrs 57min

Usage: You can watch any and all of these Lessons for two (2) weeks beginning with the date of purchase.

Cost: $450

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