Data Vault Class

This comprehensive course covers the fundamentals of the Data Vault modeling approach. With over 50 lessons this course covers all you need to know to begin working with Data Vault today.

From core concepts to architecture, and from key benefits to loading patterns, this course has it all. Learn how to effectively model Hubs, Links and Satellites. Learn how to most effectively apply Data Vaulting to your enterprise data warehouse (EDW) program.

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  • What is Data Vault (5min)
  • Data Vault Modeling Core Constructs (6min)
  • Data Vault Overview Benefits (2min)
  • Data Vault Overview: Introduction Architecture (6min)
  • High Level Colors of the Data Vault (12min)
  • Data Vault versus 3NF Overview (9min)
  • 3NF, DV, Star Schema (8min)
  • Data Vault Modeling Approach & Methodology (6min)
  • Steps to Logical Data Modeling (22min)
  • All Context, All History, all the time (19min)
  • All Data + All the Time = Exceptions (20min)
  • The Importance of Exceptions (20min)
  • The Core Rules (15min)
  • The Hub (11min)
  • Hub Core Components (13min)
  • HUB Rules (10min)
  • How to Design your HUBS (12min)
  • Business Keys Designing Hubs (13min)
  • Defining the Business Keys (7min)
  • Concatenated Hub Keys (5min)
  • Business Keys with New Architecture (8min)
  • The Link (11min)
  • Link Core Components (8min)
  • LINK Rules (7min)
  • How to Design your LINKS (11min)
  • When a LINK is NOT a LINK (8min)
  • The Satellite (13min)
  • Satellite Core Components (15min)
  • Satellite Rules (17min)
  • How to Design your Satellites (12min)
  • Satellites: Mate for Life (9min)
  • Satellite: hardest working construct (12min)
  • Satellite Cardinality (6min)
  • Satellite versus a Type 2 Dimension (17min)
  • HUBS without a Satellite (9min)
  • Adaptability & Re-engineering (19min)
  • Dimensionitus (11min)
  • Data Vault Automation Matrix (10min)
  • Record Sources (8min)
  • Reference Data (17min)
  • Bridge Tables (14min)
  • Point In Time Structures (8min)
  • Satellites & Reference Table Keys (8min)
  • Codes and Reference Tables (17min)
  • The Hybrid Brief (27min)
  • ETL Pipeline (14min)
  • Data Vault Loading Process (22min)
  • Dimensional Modeling to Data Vault Evolution (11min)
  • EDW – Current Requirements (12min)
  • Fundamental EDW Architecture, EDW Framework (9min)
  • Applying Data Modeling approaches to EDW (19min)
  • Data Vault Overview EDW Challenge (7min)
  • Enterprise View & Commitment (11min)
  • EDW Boil the Ocean (13min)
  • Business Keys in EDW (8min)
  • Exploring Enterprise Wide Unique hub keys (9min)
  • Steps to Modeling the EDW (12min)
  • EDW Agility (12min)
  • Reference Models and the Data Vault (5min)
  • CDI & MDM Initiatives (18min)

Count: 60 lessons

Time: 11hrs 45min : classroom equivalent over 23hrs 30min

Usage: You can watch any and all of these Lessons for three (3) weeks beginning with the date of purchase.

Cost: $1795

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