How it works

Training with Data Vault Academy couldn't be easier. Once you create an account you'll immediately be able to view your free lessons from the "My Plans" page.

The free video lessons will give you a great introduction to Data Vaulting and our unique format, high quality, high resolution videos.

  • Pause and replay the videos to let the concepts really sink in
  • Enjoy the convenience of On-Demand Learning
  • Nights? Weekends? Home? Work? You decide!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by "On-Demand Learning"?
You are in complete control of your training sessions. You can rewind if you need to clarify a topic. You can fast forward a section that you are already familiar with. You can pause a lesson to take an important client phone call. Watch it when you want, where you want and how often you want! Learn at your own pace in your own time!
Can I login to Data Vault Academy from any computer or am I limited to a single computer?
You can sign on to any computer with internet access with your unique username and password. You are not limited to a single computer.
How long do I have to complete a course?
It depends on which plan you choose. If you choose a two week plan, you have unlimited, 24/7 access for two weeks from the day that you register for an individual class. During those two weeks, you will have full access to all of the lessons within the plan. You are not limited to the number of times that you can watch any one section of your registered course. Some of our courses are 3 weeks of access.
Can I skip sections of the course or am I forced to watch the lessons in order?
Yes, you can skip lessons. You are not required to watch the course in any particular order, however, many of the lessons are presented sequentially.
Do you offer the same Data Vault training on DVD?
No, the content is only viewable via our streaming video servers.
Do I have to wait for downloads to complete before watching?
No need. All movies are instantly "streamed" directly to your computer rather than requiring you to wait for downloads.
What is the pricing for course plans on Data Vault Academy?
We offer several pricing plans � depending on the amount of training in each plan. Our plans currently start at $295 USD. Please read about all of the plans available on the Plans page.
Do you accept International orders?
Yes. In fact, a large percentage of our business is from international orders. We welcome orders from all over the world.
What does it mean if I receive a message "You are not authorized to watch this video"?
This message occurs if you have not purchased access to the course the module is in, or if your access has expired. If you are currently authorized for this course, then you may be logged in on another computer or your session may have timed out. Make sure you are not logged in anywhere else and sign in again.
What types of payments do you accept? Do you accept credit cards? Can I pay by check? Can I pay you over the phone?
Credit Cards - We accept most major credit cards. For a listing of the cards that we accept in different countries please follow this link.
Telephone Payments - If you do not feel comfortable using your credit card over the web, feel free to call us at (303)526-9080 during payment service hours (Mon-Fri 8-5pm MST) and we can process your order over the phone.
Check - If you prefer to pay by check, please mail payment to: Data Vault Academy, 25568 Genesee Trail Road, Golden, CO 80401. Please don't forget to include your contact information. Courses will be available to view as soon as the funds are processed at our bank.
How will the charge appear on my credit card statement?
The charge for your Data Vault Academy training will appear as a charge by "Genesee Academy" on your credit card.
How do I contact Data Vault Academy?
Please visit our Contact Us page to call or send us an email

Contact Us with any questions not found on this page