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Why choose Data Vault?

Enhanced Auditability
Enterprise Data Warehouses modeled with Data Vault methodologies are fully traceable and auditable. All the data, all the time!
True Enterprise Wide Scope
Data Vault models easily integrate all source systems based on enterprise wide definitions. Data Vault provides unparalleled support for Master Data Management initiatives. Operational BI? Absolutely!
Extreme Agility and Adaptability
With support for rapid startup, incremental building and parallel loading, the Data Vault Modeling approach is truly agile. Absorb changes gracefully, expand painlessly!

Why choose Data Vault Academy?

Industry Experts
Data Vault Academy videos feature experts and thought leaders in the Data Warehousing Business Intelligence industry.
Great Learning Experience
Our videos include lectures, examples, white board sessions and slides carefully designed to give you the best learning experience possible. You'll feel like you are in the front row of the classroom!
Convenient Plans
We offer specially tuned plans which target your learning needs. Whether new to Data Vault or a seasoned professional, these plans offer the best training available.

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