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Data Vault Plans

Introduction to Data Vault

Welcome to Data Vault! This plan provides an effective and thorough overview of the Data Vault modeling approach. What is the Data Vault? What are the benefits of using it? Where does it fit in my Data Warehouse?

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Standard Data Vault Class

This comprehensive course covers the fundamentals of the Data Vault modeling approach. With over 50 lessons this course covers all you need to know to begin working with Data Vault today.

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Data Vault Business Overview

This course brings you the Data Vault from a uniquely business oriented perspective. What is Data Vault and how does a data modeling approach impact my EDW? This course covers core concepts including the Hub, Link and Satellite but also discusses what they mean to the data warehouse and why we should consider using them.

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Advanced Data Vault Topics

Intended for those of you who are already familiar with Data Vault and have worked on Data Vault projects, this course covers advanced topics. This course covers topics ranging from modeling to architecture, and from design to semantics. Several topics also consider how Data Vault can be applied to address broader data warehousing demands and challenges.

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Enterprise Data Warehousing

Data Vault is in fact at the core of Enterprise Data Warehousing (EDW). But what is EDW? How does it differ from general data warehousing? The fact is that the majority of programs classified as a data warehouse today are actually Operational Data Stores. But what is the difference between an ODS and an EDW? Assuming I have the one, why do I need the other?

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Rock and Roll Lab

This engaging business case concerns an online retailer of rocking chairs. Through framing business requirements and understanding the core business, students are guided through the process of creating an operational system database (3NF model), a data warehouse (Data Vault model) and a set of data marts (Dimensional models).

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